Since researching gluten free (GF) eating in Europe, over and over again I have come across bloggers and web sites that say something to the effect of “if anyone every finds a gluten free Tiramisu, let me know. This is the Holy Grail of GF eating”. This usually follows some excellent information about how to eat GF and the state of GF eating in Europe in general. Or in this case, more specifically France and Italy.

But despite all that is happening GF, no one has ever been able to find a GF Tiramisu apparently. Thanks to bianca@italianfix I found the Holy Grail at Hostaria il Desco in Florence Italy.  Her top 20 restaurants in Florence article was great. Her description of Hostaria il Desco went this way, “This place will save your life! Picture the pulsating waves of people that converge around the Ponte Vecchio. Now imagine escaping, slipping down a tiny alleyway of a street, and finding a shady sanctuary that serves awesome food at the best prices your gonna get in this town. They also have gluten free options. Seeing a rice cake in Italy is like a rainbow of alternative grain love in wheat-land.”

We turned off a really busy street and did slip down a small road. And yes, there was no one in site. It wasn’t until the road curved right that we actually saw people down a ways. What a fantastic restaurant in general but they actually offered a gluten free menu without having to even ask. Amazing GF choices including pastas. But not until dessert did the Holy Grail show itself. Gluten free Tiramisu.

HG 1

And gluten free cheesecake.


And gluten free apple cake.


“Got a revolution. Got to revolution.”