Functional Medicine Nurse Practitioner Programs to Address Autoimmune & Chronic Disease

Aug 28, 2023 | autoimmune disease, autoimmune disease prevention, Nurse Practitioner Training

Functional Medicine Nurse Practitioner Programs: Pave the Way for Holistic Healthcare to Address Autoimmune & Chronic Disease

Hello, fellow practitioner đź’™

I’m Dr. David Bilstrom, and I’m thrilled you are here!  Click here to get access to my free masterclass.

There are a variety of Functional Medicine training programs available for Nurse Practitioners and that is beautiful for our world!

Solving the root cause of why people have autoimmune and chronic conditions is the healthcare revolution we need.

I love collaborating and practicing with Nurse Practitioners (two are on my autoimmune care team where I practice full time as the Director of the International Autoimmune Institute & Bingham Memorial Center for Functional Medicine.  We are the first institute in the country (and I believe the world) to focus on autoimmune care using Functional Medicine.

Working with Nurse Practitioners has shown me that:

  • As a nurse you got into medicine because you have a deep desire to care for patients.
  • As a Nurse Practitioner you significantly invested in your education to take charge of the healthcare you provide patients.
  • That your heart is built to serve the holistic needs of the patient, treating the whole person not just the symptoms.
  • Functional medicine training is a natural next step because it’s focused on addressing the root cause and is a powerful tool for holistic prevention.

I believe Nurse Practitioners who adopt a root cause approach to healthcare will be the game changers that revolutionize healthcare worldwide!  I am grateful you are here and I hope you join me in my mission to revolutionize how autoimmune disease is treated worldwide by implementing the fundamentals of Functional Medicine.

Today, I invite you to delve deeper into the world of Functional Medicine and understand how our autoimmune care focused Functional Medicine Nurse Practitioner Program can be a game-changer for your career, family, and community. I’ve practiced this way using the traditional insurance model. It’s possible, and I can show you how.

Why Learn Autoimmune Functional Medicine with Me?

  • For the past 20 years, my focus has been on autoimmune care using Functional Medicine.
  • There are over 50 million Americans with autoimmune disease and the rate is rapidly increasing even among kids. Your community needs an autoimmune care expert.
  • I’m a quadruple board-certified MD in Functional and Regenerative Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, and Medical Acupuncture. This gives me a deep understanding of how to restore immune system balance in a holistic way which not only reverses autoimmune disease but also prevents cancer and autoimmunity.
  • I have a deep passion and an extensive amount of experience helping children reverse their autoimmune and chronic conditions.
  • I am an expert at navigating the insurance system to get as much covered as possible.
  • I’ve mastered the art of efficiently ordering labs and analyzing results to save you time and save your patients time and money.
  • Everything I do is based on scientific data and decades of experience. I am an avid learner and stay up-to-date with the latest in root cause research.
  • My team and I deeply care about your success. My vision is to see a certified autoimmune care expert in every community. If you want to be the NP in your community who is known for reversing and preventing autoimmune disease (by addressing the root cause and without using immunosuppressants) we can help you get there.
  • The knowledge I share is very practical.  You can start implementing it right away with patients and within your own life, giving you a stronger immune system to support your family and patients.

The Growing Need for Functional Medicine in Addressing Autoimmune and Chronic Disease:

The Nurse Practitioners who buy my book (The Nurse Practitioners’ Guide to Autoimmune Medicine) and join my courses tell me they have seen a sharp increase in autoimmune and chronic disease as well as a sharp increase in the multi-organ and immune system issues that proceed them.

Recent studies suggest that nearly 1 in 3 Americans live with an autoimmune or chronic disease; alarmingly, it’s a number that’s on the rise.

Coupled with chronic disease being responsible for 7 out of 10 deaths each year in the U.S., we need a transformative approach. Autoimmune Functional Medicine offers that solution as new data continues to show that chronic conditions often have an autoimmune component.

Working as a Nurse Practitioner with an Autoimmune Disease

Navigating the healthcare industry, particularly as a Nurse Practitioner, often has unique challenges. These challenges amplify when you or a close family member grapple with an autoimmune or chronic condition. Recently, I spoke at the Arizona Nurse Practitioner’s Annual Symposium. I was shocked (but not surprised) that almost every NP I spoke with had at least one autoimmune disease.

Nurse Practitioner Burnout is a Serious Issue

Burnout is real. The long hours, the emotional toll of seeing patient after patient without witnessing significant improvements, can be exhausting. And when battling an autoimmune disease, this exhaustion isn’t just emotional – it’s physical. There’s a poignant irony in giving your all to help others, while your body wages a war against itself. Yet, this is the reality for countless Nurse Practitioners today.

 functional medicine training for nurse practitioners reduces burnoutFailing to address the root cause of autoimmune conditions isn’t just an oversight; it’s a significant barrier to providing effective care. And not only to patients but to oneself. The ripple effect of this oversight touches every aspect of life, from strained relationships due to constant fatigue and irritability to missing out on precious moments with family and children.

But there’s a silver lining. The Autoimmune Functional Medicine approach isn’t just about treating symptoms; it’s about reversing them at the root. If you are a Nurse Practitioner dealing with autoimmune conditions, this means a chance at a better life, both professionally and personally.

By diving deep into the underlying causes, we don’t just put a bandage on the symptoms; we aim to eliminate them. This method not only brings relief to the patients but also ensures that, as an NP, you’re operating at your optimal capacity. This energy and vitality enable you to be present, not just at work but at home, with your family, children, and in every sphere of life.

Imagine a world where you can practice medicine with all your might, without the shadow of an autoimmune disease looming large. This is what the Autoimmune Functional Medicine approach promises. A world where healthcare professionals aren’t just caregivers but are cared for. It’s not just about medicine; it’s about a holistic way of life. And as a Nurse Practitioner, you can be at the heart of this revolution.

My free masterclass provides protocols you can use immediately to start reversing your autoimmune and chronic conditions.

How to Become an Autoimmune Functional Medicine Nurse Practitioner Specializing in Reversing & Preventing Autoimmune and Chronic Disease

I’ve created a certified program with 8 CEUs/CMEs, called the Autoimmune: PARADIGM designed to guide Nurse Practitioners the fundamental techniques and interventions crucial for reversing and preventing autoimmune and chronic disease. It combines the years of education and experience you already have, and fills in the gaps to provide the best in root cause autoimmune care.

The Autoimmune PARADIGM an Expert’s Program is designated for 8 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ to give you 8 ANCC Contact hours and both the ANCC and AANP accept ANCC Contact hours. Note: “Contact Hours” is the new term that replaces the term CEUs.

Your Nurse Practitioner education has set a strong foundation. Building on that, the Autoimmune: PARADIGM program integrates what you’ve already learned with the pivotal aspects of Autoimmune Functional Medicine to be an expert in offering autoimmune care. We delve deep into addressing the root causes of autoimmunity, ensuring you master the basics and beyond. Together, we’ll equip you to expertly address multi-organ system health challenges and chronic and autoimmune disease with confidence. No matter who walks into your office, you’ll be equipped to help them. It’s an incredible feeling and definitely cures burnout! 

Because autoimmune care has been my focus for the past 20 years, I’ve distilled the fundamentals into about 10 hours of video content. Just 10 hours to learn the autoimmune care fundamentals to reverse and prevent autoimmune and chronic disease. Sounds incredible – right? It is!  NPs who buy my book and take my course, tell me they are able to immediately implement learnings.

For the first part of my Functional Medicine journey, I spent a lot of time chasing individual symptoms. Then I learned that 80% to 90% of the issues will heal themselves if I focus on the central 10% to 20%.

When you understand how to address the central mechanisms of our incredibly intelligent bodies, the immune system is built for balance, it begins to do its job and takes care of the 80% to 90% without any special focus.

This knowledge will save you and your patients an immense amount of time. It will also allow you to get up to speed very quickly to start creating health transformations in your life, your family, and your patients.

Autoimmune Functional Medicine Certification for Nurse Practitioners

Certification isn’t just a title; it affirms your commitment and expertise in the rapidly growing field of autoimmune care. Our certification process ensures you’re equipped with the knowledge and skills to provide your patients with the best autoimmune care possible, going beyond symptoms to tackle the root causes of health concerns. It helps you dive headfirst into a whole new way of offering healthcare—one centered on understanding and addressing the real reasons people get sick.

Healthcare is evolving. More and more, patients are looking for solutions that dig deeper than just symptom management. They want answers, and with the rise in autoimmune and chronic disease, there’s never been a more urgent need for a fresh approach. That’s where certification through the Autoimmune PARADIGM Expert’s Program comes in. Which includes access to me through monthly live Q&As and email for urgent matters.

By the end of the certification program, you’ll be more than a Nurse Practitioner with added Autoimmune Functional Medicine expertise. You’ll become certified in providing the best in personalized medicine. You’ll be a beacon of hope for patients who’ve been passed from one doctor to the next without real solutions. You’ll be equipped to offer not just treatments but transformative experiences—helping patients reclaim their health and their quality of life.

As you become known in your community an NP who can truly help, patient referrals become effortless.  Patients who transform their quality of life through your care, will tell family, friends and strangers.  It’s common for me to treat entire families and even extended family members.  It’s a really fantastic way to practice medicine!


With the rapidly rising epidemic (especially among women and children) of autoimmune disease, it’s clear your community needs you! Together, we can not only redefine the health trajectories of our patients but also create a ripple effect of wellness that extends to our families and communities. 

Autoimmune PARADIGM isn’t just a course or a training program—it’s a journey. And I’m here, alongside you, every step of the way, ensuring we create a Functional Medicine root cause approach to autoimmune care for you and your patients. Which is why the Autoimmune PARADIGM includes lifetime access to live Q&A sessions with me and is backed by a 30-day money back guarantee. 

Start the journey of becoming a certified Autoimmune Functional Medicine expert.

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