The best natural antibiotic is pH Structured Silver Solution

Dec 12, 2023 | autoimmune disease prevention, Chronic Disease Prevention, pH Structured Silver

Dr David Bilstrom Autoimmune Functional Medicine Doctor Family or Children Using pH Structured Silver

The best natural antibiotic is pH Structured Silver, which makes it an awesome antimicrobial. As it is killing off bacteria in a “gut-friendly’ way, at the same time it is helping to clear other hidden infections – like candida or parasites.

Today we’re going to explore why pH Structured Silver Solution is the best natural antibiotic that can be used for all types of infections some common ones like:

  • candida
  • strep throat
  • ear infections
  • tooth infections
  • urinary tract infections (uti)

It also gets rid of infections in your bloodstream and throughout your body such as:

  • herpesvirus 6
  • Epstein Barr virus (mononucleosis)
  • Coxsackievirus virus
  • mycoplasma
  • parasites
  • and a whole bunch of other bad ones


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pH Structured Silver Solution can be a powerful broad-spectrum antimicrobial

I really like pH Structured Silver Solution as a tool to tackle a wide range of gut infections such as candida, yeast infections, other mold species, parasites and even malaria.

Fasting and herbs are known to be alternatives.  The fasting required to help remove candida tends to be longer fasting (think 48 to 72 hours fasting) and this is something you want to prepare your body for.  Also be sure you have support from your healthcare practitioner. However, fasting is not confirmed to be safe for children but pH Structured Silver Solution is.

Herbs are not as effective (we will dive into that more later) and what I have experienced with myself personally and with many patients (including children) is that pH Structured Silver Solution is a simple (can be fast) and effective solution that won’t hurt your gut or create antibiotic resistance issues.

Because pH Structured Silver Solution is such a fantastic alternative for many things, let’s define what those things are.

What is an Antibiotic? 

At its core, antibiotics kill bad bacteria. These bad bacteria are often the driving force of common infections like strep throat, urinary tract infections (UTI), ear infections, pink eye, and more. Unfortunately as antibiotics kill the bad bacteria, they can also kill gut microbes that are good for you. I’ll dive into the serious issue of antibiotic resistance in a moment.

best natural antibiotic to combat antibiotic resistance by Dr david bilstrom autoimmune functional medicine doctor

Antimicrobial Definition 

“Antimicrobial” is a broad term that encompasses any agent that kills or inhibits the growth of microorganisms, which includes bacteria, viruses, fungi (mold/yeast/candida), and parasites. Antibiotics are a subset of antimicrobials that specifically target bacteria.

Here are some key points that distinguish the two:

Scope of Activity:

  • Antimicrobial: This is an umbrella term that includes any substance or agent that kills or inhibits the growth of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites. That is why pH Structured Silver Solution is considered a natural antimicrobial.
  • Antibiotic: This is a type of antimicrobial that is specifically used to treat bacterial infections.


  • Antimicrobial: These agents can be used in various ways, including medical treatment, disinfection, and preservation. They can be found in medications, supplements, sanitizers, water treatment and even products like clothing and paint to prevent microbial growth.
  • Antibiotic: These are primarily used in the medical field to treat bacterial infections. They can be taken orally, topically, or through injections.

Mechanism of Action:

  • Antimicrobial: The mechanism varies based on the type of antimicrobial. For instance, antivirals might prevent viral replication, while antifungals might target the cell walls of fungi.
  • Antibiotics: These usually work by either killing bacteria or stopping their growth. They can do this by interfering with bacterial cell wall synthesis, protein synthesis, nucleic acid synthesis, or other vital functions.


  • Antimicrobial Resistance: Microorganisms can develop resistance to antimicrobial agents, be it an antibiotic, antiviral, antifungal, or antiparasitic.  In my practice, I have yet to see someone develop resistance to the small amounts of colloidal silver found with the pH Structured Silver Solution.  The amounts are also so small; you’ll never turn blue.
  • Antibiotic Resistance: This refers specifically to the phenomenon where bacteria evolve and develop mechanisms to survive the effects of antibiotics.

pH Structured Silver Solution won’t develop resistance in the body making it a great option if you are seeking a natural antibiotic. It has been derived from two simple powerful ingredients: structured water and very fine particles of colloidal silver.

In my free 7 day email course Medical Bill Detox, where I cover the fundamentals of reversing autoimmune and chronic conditions, I share how too much colloidal silver can turn you blue.  Along with explaining how the low levels (30 ppm – parts per million) of colloidal silver in the pH Structured Silver Solution won’t bioaccumulate (and turn you blue).

The Importance of a Balanced Intestinal Microbiome:

The intestinal microbiome is the intricate mix of both good and bad microbes in our gut. Ideally, we want our gut full of an army of good bacteria, fighting off the few bad guys – the harmful bacteria, mold, and viruses.

Traditional antibiotics, while effectively battling these infections, don’t discriminate between the good and bad bacteria. Whether you’re dealing with eye infections like pink eye, ear or sinus infections, urinary tract infections (UTI), or respiratory infections like pneumonia or bronchitis, conventional antibiotics kill the bacteria causing the infection. But they also kill off all of the good bacteria in our gut. This has a huge negative impact on our gut health, which in turn has a huge impact on our overall health.

The gut is the home base for about 80% of our immune system. When we use antibiotics, it disrupts our gut health and inadvertently disturbs our immune system, which, ideally, should keep infections at bay.

But when we use them too often or have recurring infections like pink eye, ear infections, sinus infections, urinary tract infections (UTI), and all other kinds of infections, traditional medicine uses the antibiotic to try and kill the bad bug, but you’re also throwing off the gut which throws off the immune system, which makes it so you are more likely to get another infection, and have to use another antibiotic.

It turns into a frustrating vicious cycle that is really hard to break.

If you do find yourself (or your child) having to take an antibiotic, strive to follow each dose 2 hours later with a probiotic and pH Structured Silver Solution to strengthen your gut and its microbiome as much as possible.

how to replenish good bacteria after antibiotics by Dr david bilstrom autoimmune functional medicine doctor

Antibiotic Resistance and the Power of pH Structured Silver Solution

Another significant problem we face is bad bugs like bacteria becoming resistant to available antibiotics. Not too long ago, there was a terrible outbreak of eye infections, and the infectious agent, the harmful bacteria, was resistant to all available antibiotics. It was an awful situation, and there was nothing it could be treated with.

Most bad bugs have cell walls.

When an antibiotic tries to kill a bad bacteria, it goes in through the cell wall and kills it. But bacteria are very clever. They can alter their cell membrane to prevent future doses of that same antibiotic from getting inside, making them resistant to the antibiotic.

Our cells, the good bugs in our gut, and the bad bugs all have cell walls, but the bad ones’ walls are different from our good ones. The pH Structured Silver Solution can tell the difference, killing bad bacteria without harming the good ones in our gut. It won’t hurt human cells, and it can also kill parasites, mycoplasma, funguses, mold, candida, and viruses. The best part? Bad bugs can’t become resistant to silver, so you can use it as long as you need to.

Mycoplasma, the bad bug that has no cell wall.

There is this other bug called mycoplasma. It is an ancient bad bug that doesn’t even have a cell wall. It’s not a bacterium, a virus, or a fungus. It’s unique. Since it doesn’t have a cell wall, it can’t become resistant to antibiotics. Instead, it produces a biofilm around itself to keep things out that might want to kill it, making it hard to target. As it turns out, many types of bad bugs also surround themselves with biofilms even if they are the kinds that have cell walls.

A few years ago, it was discovered that mycoplasma is a typical bad bug that drives rheumatoid arthritis. Traditional medicine uses an antibiotic called minocycline to knock down the numbers of mycoplasma, but because it’s so hard for the antibiotic to get at, you have to use it for an extended period of time. I have seen some people who have been on it for six years and still havent completely cleared the infection or the rheumatoid arthritis.

The long-term use of antibiotics has entirely disrupted their gut and worsened their immune system to the point where they have developed multiple new autoimmune diseases.

pH Structured Silver Solution is really good at dissolving these biofilms and targeting these bugs without causing the issues that antibiotics would. It’s a beautiful tool that is not going to disrupt your gut and can help your gut heal.

Address the root cause of infections
(so they don’t keep coming back)

With over two decades of experience as a Functional Medicine Doctor, my goal is to address the root cause rather than just the symptoms. pH Structured Silver Solution represents a monumental shift in this direction, as an incredible alternative that solves the root cause of infections without the gut harmful side effects of antibiotics.

When people start having these infections, typically they turn to traditional medicine’s antibiotic regimen. But, there is a huge downside to those traditional antibiotics: while antibiotics are good at killing off harmful bacteria, they are also good at killing all of the good bacteria in your body – specifically your gut microbiome.

Our gut is full of good bacteria constantly fighting battles on our behalf. These good bacteria are essential for our health, and unfortunately, they’re often collateral damage in the use of traditional antibiotics.

There are also bad bugs (microbes) that are not bacteria but we still need to get rid of them. These include viruses, mold, candida, and mycoplasma, that are often the driving force behind autoimmune and chronic disease.  If you’ve been struggling to heal an autoimmune disease, addressing hidden infections is a must.  Most practitioners have not been trained to look for infections as the root cause of autoimmunity.

The intestinal microbiome isn’t the only essential microbiome in the body. Every body part has its unique microbiome, and antibiotics disrupt good bacteria not just in the gut but other body parts, including the breast tissue. This can compromise the health of those tissues, making them more likely to become irritated, inflamed, and diseased.

Today, many people are becoming aware of the problems antibiotics can cause to the gut and the body’s microbiome, so they ask:

  • What is the best natural antibiotic?
  • What are the natural remedies for candida?
  • Is there a home remedy for ear infections or UTIs?
  • What can I do to avoid creating more antibiotic resistance?
  • How can I fight off this bacterial infection without hurting my gut?

    This is where pH Structured Silver Solution really shines. This revolutionary product provides a safe, effective alternative to traditional antibiotics. It can heal any infection, regardless of the location or type, while preserving the good bacteria while being a phenomenal antimicrobial.

    Beyond the gut: pH Structured Silver Solution can help infections of all types

    When taken orally, pH Structured Silver Solution can directly combat infections in the gut. But its reach extends beyond the gut, as it enters the bloodstream and disperses throughout the body. This makes it an excellent agent for combating infections virtually anywhere in the body:

    • gut
    • skin
    • eyes
    • brain
    • sinus
    • blood
    • urinary tract
    • and more – if your body part can hold an infection, pH Structured Silver products can reach it.

    However, there are certain circumstances that warrant giving specific attention to the individual body part affected by the infection. When this happens, we want to target those spots that need to be healed, and taking pH Structured Silver Solution orally, might not be most effective

    pH Structure Silver Solution is Safe for Children and Adults

    pink eye treatment at home by Dr david bilstrom autoimmune functional medicine doctor

    Take, for example, children with autoimmune disease. Many parents realize that recurrent use of antibiotics has disrupted their child’s gut health and immune system, possibly even triggering the autoimmune process, where the body starts attacking its own cells. These parents are often very aware they want to avoid antibiotics, but how do they do that when their child has a pink eye, ear infection, or sinus infection?

    I’ve spent the last 20 years helping infants to people in their 90s reverse their autoimmune disease by healing the 7 central mechanisms (infections being one of them). You can learn exactly how and why autoimmune disease happens and how to reverse and prevent it in my course: Autoimmune Hope (which include a money back guarantee and a free live Q&A group session with me, I hope to see you there!)

    During the initial visit, we educate parents about this broad-spectrum antimicrobial solution, and how it is effective against viruses, molds, mycoplasma, bacteria, and even parasites in the gut.

    Six weeks later, during the follow-up visit, we often hear stories of success. Parents are shocked at how well pH Structured Silver Solution worked to help their child.

    A gut friendly pink eye treatment at home

    They talk about how they used it as eye drops to heal their child’s recurrent pink eye. One to two drops in the affected eye three to eight times a day, and it sometimes clears the infection in just a day and a half, a feat antibiotics couldn’t achieve even after seven days.

    A natural remedy for ear infection

    pH Structured Silver Solution can be an amazing healing agent for ear infections. Ear infections are miserable, both for kids and adults. Studies from England in the 1970s reveal that about 95% of all ear infections don’t actually need antibiotics. They’ll go away spontaneously in the same timeframe as with antibiotics, even if it’s a severe infection.

    Now, while your child is absolutely miserable, you want to do something, right? Antibiotics might make us feel like we’re acting, but they totally disrupt the gut microbiome. But here, pH Structured Silver Solution becomes a wonderful alternative. Just two or three drops in the affected ear three times a day can be a great alternative to antibiotic ear drops or oral antibiotics. pH Structured Silver Solution is not just a solution; it’s a sigh of relief for many parents and patients.

    A natural remedy for urinary tract infection (UTI)

    Another prevalent issue, particularly among young girls, is recurrent urinary tract infections (UTIs). Imagine the anguish: a chronic cycle of infections, constantly prescribing long-term antibiotics, and so much frustration when the infection just always comes back, not to mention the toll that it takes on the gut. As a Functional Medicine Doctor I have recommended pH Structured Solution as a simple gut healthy UTI treatment at home for patients of all ages.

    When it comes to chronic UTIs (or any other chronic infection), there is usually an underlying cause. In many instances, you’re likely talking about viruses, mycoplasma, candida, or mold being the culprit.

    Within the urinary tract system, the bladder, kidneys, and the ureter that connect the two can have an underlying mold infection creating chronic inflammation and disruption of the tissues. This makes it very easy for harmful bacteria to invade and cause an infection. Antibiotics may get rid of the bad bacteria, but they don’t eliminate anything else. Sometimes, they don’t even get rid of the bacteria. You may still have a chronic, smoldering mold infection there, disrupting the environment and enabling bacteria to jump right back in.

    In this case, the UTI treatment at home is simple. Take a regular dose of the liquid pH Structured Silver Solution to ensure it efficiently goes right through to the kidneys and bladder and takes care of that chronic smoldering mold infection. Once the infection is gone, and the tissues are healed, there’s no underlying inflammation for the bacteria to exploit. Now it’s a healthy, nondisruptive tissue, and the body stops getting bacterial infections within the urinary tract system.

    A natural chronic sinusitis treatment at home

    This concept is very similar in recurrent sinus infections, where chronic mold infection disrupts the environment, leading to sinus issues, sinusitis, allergies, etc.

    By getting rid of the chronic smoldering mold and candida infection, you get rid of inflammation, and you can heal the tissue and eliminate sinusitis and allergies. Unfortunately traditional medicine will recommend sinus surgery after antibiotics clearly don’t work (and severely disrupted the gut).  I did a deep dive on this topic if chronic sinusitis has been an issue for you and you are seeking a natural treatment you can do at home.

    A natural treatment for psoriasis and other skin issues:

    pH Structured Silver Gel is also amazing for healing skin issues. If psoriasis is something you struggle with, check out my deep dive blog on the topic that will cover how Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease, why it happens, how to reverse and prevent it – in a gut healthy way!  This is so key.  Traditional antibiotics and antimicrobials will disrupt the gut.

    Some of the first data about how this works came from studies on burn injuries. People with burn injuries were using pH Structured Silver Gel to prevent infections within the burn area. What they observed was that the damaged tissue would heal quicker, even without infection.

    They conducted a study on skin cells and discovered that skin cells have 88 different genes coding for skin cell healing. The biophysics of water molecules in the pH Structured Silver, whether in gel, oral solution, or cream, can upregulate the activity of 59 of the 88 genes in a skin cell that help the skin cell heal.  My Autoimmune Hope course explains this and more about epigenetics in more depth. It’s a 90 minute self paced course that includes a money back guarantee and a Live Q&A group session with me.  So if you’ve got skin issues or want to heal other autoimmune disease related issues, join Autoimmune Hope to get answers).

    pH Structured Silver Gel can be a neosporin alternative!

    When you swallow an antibiotic, it’s tough on the gut, but topical antibiotics like neosporin, even when applied on the surface of the body, gets absorbed into the bloodstream, which disrupts the intestinal microbiome, affecting your long-term health. pH Structured Silver Gel is fantastic for issues like pimples, acne, and other skin problems. You want to eradicate the infections causing tissue damage and the inflammation so the tissue can heal.

    A natural remedy for fungal acne

    Teenagers with acne are often prescribed antibiotics to put on their skin, which can get rid of the bacteria causing acne, but even with good hygiene and regular washing, mold can sit on our skin and cause issues. Mold is everywhere. In the air, in homes, and in food.

    Mold in the gut or bloodstream can cause systemic issues, such as joint problems, muscle problems, brain fog, fatigue, sinus issues, and weight gain. This mold on the skin can drive rashes and acne, leading to underlying inflammation that antibiotics can’t address.

    pH Structured Silver Gel doesn’t just get rid of the bad bacteria; it heals infections and inflammation that cause acne. Combined with the pH Structured Silver Solution to act together as a gut friendly natural broad antimicrobial, to get rid of bad bacteria that might be causing skin issues, and it can also eliminate molds, and candida creating underlying inflammation.

    Herbal Antibiotics vs. pH Structured Silver Solution

    Many people look for plant-based items like oregano oil or garlic to kill bad bugs. But a lot of these bad bugs are resistant to these herbs.

    Herbal antibiotic alternatives aren’t going to hurt the good bacteria, but they just won’t get rid of the infection, especially when it comes to chronic, smoldering infections that are driving autoimmune and chronic disease.  While they don’t negatively impact the intestinal microbiome, they aren’t powerful enough to get rid of hidden infections.

    That’s where pH Structured Silver Solution shines as an absolute game-changer. Almost universally, it tackles these guys. One of the two testing companies we use actually tests the sensitivity of silver on these bad boys, and every time, it’s off the charts great in getting rid of the infection.

    One Solution, So Many Uses: The Versatility of pH Structured Silver Solution

    pH Structured Silver Solution is available in liquid form that can be swallowed, dropped in your eyes, ears, or even used as a nasal spray. It also comes in a gel that’s great for skin issues. It is a fantastic alternative to neosporin and other antibacterial creams. It can rid the skin of infections, whether bacterial or viral, fungal, and other kinds as well.

    Unlike traditional treatments, it doesn’t disrupt the good bacteria in the gut while getting rid of bacterial infections. Not only does it avoid disrupting the gut’s good bacteria, but it also assists in healing by reducing inflammation and repairing damaged tissue.

    As a Functional Medicine Doctor, my science-based approach looks beyond the symptoms to the root causes. In the case of recurrent infections, pH Structured Silver Solution is an incredible alternative that targets the root cause of infections and chronic illnesses without the horrible side effects of antibiotics.

    You can learn more about why autoimmune diseases, chronic illnesses and infections happen and how to heal and reverse it in my course: Autoimmune Hope. It includes a Live Q&A group session with me to get your deeper questions answered. What you’ll learn in the course will change the trajectory of you and your family’s health forever, which is why it is backed by my 14-day 100% money-back guarantee. I look forward to seeing you inside the course and at my next live Q&A!

    “Got a Revolution, got to Revolution.”  Jefferson Airplane


    Dr. David Bilstrom
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