It is not just men who need testosterone. Women need it too. Everybody needs it in the correct amounts. Just like estrogen and all the other hormones in the human body. Not too high. Not too low. Just right.

So, what does testosterone do in a women’s body?

Increases sexual interest.

Increases sense of well-being.

Increases muscle mass and strength.

Helps maintain memory.

Helps skin from sagging.

Decreases excess body fat.

Helps maintain bone strength.

Elevates norepinephrine in the brain. Think increasing arousal and alertness, enhances formation and retrieval of memory, and focuses attention.

So, what are the symptoms of testosterone loss in women?

Muscle wasting. Think, where did all my muscles go?

Weight gain.

Fatigue. Think, where did all my energy go?

Low self-esteem.

Decreased HDL. The good cholesterol. Testosterone, estrogen and progesterone all keep HDL levels good.

Dry, thin skin, with poor elasticity.

Thinning and dry hair.

Droopy eyelids.

Sagging cheeks.

Thin lips.


Memory is not as sharp.

So, what are the causes of low testosterone?


Childbirth. Think, “I have never felt the same since the birth of my child.”


Adrenal stress or burnout. Think, too much stress for too long. Think cortisol “the stress hormone.”



Psychological trauma.

Birth control pills.

So, how can you treat low testosterone in a women?

Testosterone replacement should be done by putting it on the skin. Transdermal application. And only use the bio-identical, natural form. Rotating sites of application between the buttocks and the inner thighs. Another method that is gaining popularity is bio-identical testosterone pellets placed under the skin in the buttocks.

Methyltestosterone, the only commercially available form, should never be used. First, its a pill taken by mouth and only topical or subcutaneous applications should be used. Also, methyl testosterone has been associated with an increase in liver cancer.

Inorder for testosterone to work well, estradiol must be optimized. Without enough estrogen, testosterone cannot attach to brain receptors. Testosterone cannot be given to women without also using estrogen. If testosterone is given alone it can increase plaque formation in arteries.

How else can testosterone levels be raised?

Decrease calorie intake.

Increase protein in the diet.

Take the amino acids arginine, leucine, and glutamine.


Get enough sleep.

Lose weight.

Reduce stress.

Take zinc if low in zinc. Zinc is needed for the production of testosterone.

What are the symptoms of too much testosterone in a women?




Low blood sugar.

Salt and sugar cravings.

Agitation and anger.

Facial hair.


Insulin resistance. Think blood sugar issues and pre-diabetes.

Weight gain.

Hair loss or unwanted hair growth.

Increased risk of heart disease.

Hormones are so important. when they are all well balanced, a person will feel so well. Remember how we talked about the hormones being like a big symphony orchestra.

“Got a revolution. Got to revolution.”