Improving Vitamin D Receptor Sensitivity – the Foundational Triad for Preventing & Reversing Autoimmune Disease

Jan 23, 2023 | autoimmune disease prevention, intestinal microbiome, Metabolic Syndrome, microbiome, probiotics, Vitamin D, Vitamin D receptor sensitivity

Vitamin D Receptor Sensitivity

The scientific data says taking a moment to observe Nature in this photo is improves your health.


Improving Vitamin D Receptor Sensitivity – Foundational to Autoimmune Disease Reversal and Prevention

When Vitamin D receptors become resistant, the gut lining may produce pro-inflammatory cytokines and stop producing proteins that keep bad bacteria at bay. This can lead to disruptions in your gut microbiome and inflammation throughout your body. When you correct Vitamin D receptor sensitivity, you can optimize your gut microbiome, reduce inflammation and prevent a ton of future health problems.  One rapid way this can be done is through a foundational triad of nutraceutical supplements.

This foundational triad of supplements is so powerful and effective that in 2018, the Annals of Internal Medicine referred to this triad as the “nuclear weapon” against metabolic syndrome.

This Foundational Triad of Supplements for Optimizing (Upregulating) Your Vitamin D Receptor Sensitivity (ideally taken with food):

  • Daily Vitamin D3 (capsule or liquid)
    • 5,000 to 10,000 IU per day to stay good once you get good.
    • It’s reasonable to start at 10,000 IU and check your blood level eight to twelve weeks later.
    • You’ll want to make sure to check twenty-five hydroxy Vitamin D levels, and the goal is between 70 to 90.
    • If you check your levels and you’re still not there, increase the dose by about an average of a thousand IU per day for every ten points you want to come up. Purchase nutraceutical grade Vitamin D3 here.

  • Daily probiotic (capsule or powder form).
  • Daily butyrate (capsule form).

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It’s a lot easier for the gut to tolerate things when food is in your system.

Things like fat-soluble nutrients such as Vitamin D and Butyrate always tend to get better absorbed into the system when taken with food. Water-soluble ones don’t really matter, and taking supplements with food is usually the way to go.

Probiotics can help guard against environmental toxins (which can drive diabetes).

Probiotics in pregnancy decrease the risk of pretty much everything you don’t want to happen during pregnancy. If you’re not planning to get pregnant, pass along this vital info to others who are!  The science-based fundamentals of functional medicine (like this foundational triad) can reverse and prevent a lot of disease. Revolutionizing the way autoimmune disease is treated worldwide is my mission and I need your help to spread the word.

Important Note: if you have to take an antibiotic (you want to minimize antibiotics as often as you can), but if needed, ideally, it should be followed 2 hours later by a probiotic. And the probiotic should be continued daily for two weeks after completing the course of antibiotics. And the foundational triad regiment is even better. 

Now, what is butyrate, you might ask? 

Butyrate is a short-chain fatty acid ideally made by the good bacteria in the gut. Butyrate has been shown to prevent cancer in five different ways and treat cancer in five different ways. Prescription butyrate is being used to treat non-small cell lung cancer.

Butyrate has been shown to help the brain heal after ischemic stroke; it has been shown to be profoundly impactful in turning around Huntington’s chorea and profoundly impactful in children with cystic fibrosis. Once again, butyrate works almost exclusively through epigenetics.

Combining these supplements into a triad creates a foundation for optimizing the gut microbiome. Which means you are building up all the good bugs in the gut and getting rid of the bad bugs.   Once the lining of the gut stops making pro-inflammatory cytokines, the gut will start making antimicrobial peptides, very important proteins that will keep the bad bugs down long term.

Studies show this is exactly what you want to do to reverse and prevent all types of chronic disease. Here are just a few big ones that a lot of people struggle with: diabetes, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, preventing flares if you have celiac disease, getting rid of recurring C. diff infections, anxiety, depression, cancer, heart attacks, strokes, Alzheimer’s, dementia and more.

Remember, all autoimmune diseases are caused by dysfunction in the central mechanisms, reverse and prevent one, and you can eventually reverse and prevent them all. Cancer is the flip side of the same coin that is autoimmune disease. As you reverse and prevent autoimmunity, you also do the same for cancer.  

This foundational triad of supplements is so powerful and effective that in 2018, the Annals of Internal Medicine referred to this triad as the “nuclear weapon” against metabolic syndrome.

Important Note: It’s important to inform you that traditional allopathic medicine gives men Metformin for diabetes and women Metformin to help get pregnant.  Both diabetes and infertility could be helped using this triad of supplements. A metformin study from The Annals of Internal Medicine, 2022 showed how Metformin created genital birth defects in men’s children; studies have not been done on how it affects the children of pregnant women but this medicines negative impact on the mitochondrial genome is the same for both men and women. These kinds of studies demonstrate why it’s so important you are informed about optimizing your Vitamin D receptor sensitivity in your gut. This simple protocol has no side effects and can prevent significant health issues.  To read more about the metformin study, read my blog on how this foundational triad is being use to reverse metabolic syndrome!

The Quality of Your Supplements Really Matters

The foundational triad of supplements doesn’t need to be taken forever. Most supplementation should be temporary. Whatever your body needs, the goal is to help it restore its natural function to make it. Vitamin D is one of the exceptions. It’s so powerful on so many levels it doesn’t hurt to ensure your levels stay good. When purchasing supplements, you want to ensure you are buying nutraceutical-grade supplements, which I offer in my online store

You can never clear autoimmune and chronic diseases with over-the-counter supplements.

You are not going to get better using over-the-counter supplements – most are of profoundly bad quality.

The pharmaceutical industry is, by law, required to have all its products tested for purity and content before selling to the public. Unfortunately, the supplement industry is held to a different standard. So most over-the-counter supplements are profoundly bad quality, do not have in them what they should, and have things you don’t want.

One example is they’ve done studies on over the counter Vitamin D. They tested what’s in it compared to what’s on the label. Some brands had 7% of what’s on the label.

You are not going to get better using over-the-counter supplements. Nutraceutical-grade supplements are from supplement companies that have their products independently tested for purity and content before being sold to the public. So you can rest assured that if you buy supplements through my online store (or any nutraceutical grade supplement), you are going to get exactly what you need to get and nothing that you shouldn’t, which might be counterproductive to your goals of long term health and long term quality life.

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