We Can Save 50% of Dying Covid19 Vented Patients

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I believe we can stop half the people from dying on ventilators!


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I want to tell you how we could save half the people from dying who are on the ventilators from the SARS COVID-19 now or all the people who are going to end up on ventilators from this SARS, sudden acute respiratory syndrome. Please pass this information on so together we can save lives.

There was a large group of people in Seattle who were some of the first ones to end up on ventilators from COVID-19 and JAMA, The Journal of the American Medical Association published some of the first data on how bad it was, after they followed them for two weeks. In only two weeks half the people were dead that were on ventilators, and another 20% were still on ventilators. A person must be very sick, having difficulty breathing, often resulting in tremendous pain, to end up on ventilators. 

In the 2019 Iranian Journal of Pharmacological Research, people on ventilators received 300,000 IU of vitamin D with an intramuscular injection; into the muscle. They saw a 50% reduction in the death rates. Half the people were saved from dying with one dose of vitamin D.

For these very sick people on ventilators, the average time was 10 days less for those who got the Vitamin D. Imagine if part of the solution or way doctors could treat the COVID-19 patients was already in hospitals, already in the formulary, already at the pharmacy and at the same time a strategy that could reduce or eliminate the time patients remained on ventilators. 

300,000 IU of vitamin D may sound like it’s getting to be a high dosage,  but the science says differently!  In the 2016 Journal of Clinical and Translational Endocrinology, ICU patients on ventilators; in this study they received 100,000 IU a day for five straight days, so 500,000 IU of vitamin D. 

What did they see for vitamin D levels? Well, they saw the vitamin D level for the patients only went up to 55. The ideal levels that we shoot for just for treating chronic disease and preventing chronic disease are 70 to 80. Some people say 80 to 90, are safe levels. Parkinson’s patients do best if their vitamin D level is above 100. 

 One thing to know is if you’re a family member of somebody on a vent who has the SARS COVID-19 they may say, “Oh vitamin D, the FDA has not approved it for this usage.” It’s approved for other usages thus you have prescription strength, vitamin D. Well, one thing you need to say is, “I want it to be used off label.” 

Medications are used a million times a day by doctors all over the country, all over the world for off label uses. The FDA approves a medication for specific reasons, but doctors are free to use it off label, which means you use it for something that the FDA has not approved it for. The FDA asks that you’re using it for something that is a good reason for using it, for trying it and it doesn’t have a great deal of chance of side effects. So they want you to use it for something that ideally the potential benefit outweighs the potential negative. 

As we know from vitamin D and the 11,000 plus research articles about vitamin D it is a relatively very safe intervention overall. The potential to positively impact somebody on a ventilator with SARS COVID-19 might be huge and the scientific studies would suggest this would be with very low side effect potential. 

Hospitals may say, “Well, there’s not great data exactly why it works.” Well in this situation we’re trying to save someone from dying. That’s not really maybe the first thing you should think of, but let me say this. How about the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism? They took patients with very bad lung disease, cystic fibrosis, which is a genetic disease where the lungs fill up with fluids because of all the inflammation and they die historically in their twenties basically by suffocating by all these fluids. They drowned in their own fluids. In this article, they took and gave vitamin D to these people and what they saw was that it improved the microbiome of the gut and the microbiome of the lungs of the airways. Improving microbiome means you build up all the good bugs in a certain position, in a certain part of the body, and you get rid of the bad bugs in that part of the body. You build up all the warriors trying to fight your battles for you, the good bacteria and you get rid of the bad dudes that are trying to take you down. 

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Now Let’s Talk About IV Glutathione

So far I have talked about saving lives with vitamin D, this next part is about glutathione, the most potent free radical scavenger in the body. Also, basically, a medicine the hospitals already have in their formulary, not quite in the same form though. I’ll get to that. 

Glutathione is the most potent free radical scavenger our body makes. The free radical production creates the oxidative stress that creates the inflammation. Wherever there’s inflammation, there’s chronic disease. So our body makes glutathione, ideally the liver does, in order to get rid of inflammation. Now, every time I see any patient with lung issues, first thing I think of is IV glutathione. People’s glutathione levels get depleted, when they’re under chronic health issues, chronic stress, or are very sick. One reason why the people with preexisting conditions could be dying more readily than other people with the SARS COVID-19 infection is they are very glutathione deficient. I see it all the time with chronic diseases. 

Now, interestingly enough, glutathione is depleted by Tylenol. It’s one of the downsides of Tylenol, and that’s why you see terrible warning labels like, “Do not take too much Tylenol, you’ll kill your liver.” Why that happens is you deplete your glutathione, and it kills the liver. So if somebody tries to overdose on Tylenol, they show up in the emergency room. What do the ER docs do? They can’t give them IV glutathione. Why? It’s not patented. It’s not in the formulary of hospitals. It’s already being done in doctor’s offices. Now, we happen to be, I think, the only teaching hospital in the country that actually does IV glutathione and some other unique IV therapies. But what the ER docs does, they give the person that has overdosed on Tylenol and depleted glutathione levels so profoundly that their liver’s going to die and they’re going to die, they give them IV NAC, N-acetyl cysteine, which is the precursor to glutathione in the body. So they give them the NAC in IV form, intravenous, and it turns into glutathione. Glutathione gets rid of inflammation, protects the liver. The person doesn’t die.

Now, why would I think about IV glutathione every time I see a lung patient come into my office. Well, a huge amount of the stores of glutathione in the body are in the airways, the lungs, in the tiny air sacs at the end of the lungs where the oxygen that we breathe in is able to get into the bloodstream and go all over the body. Why would it be there? Well, the body is so smart, it makes so much sense. So we could breathe in anything that creates inflammation, or our lungs just get inflamed. They get inflamed, they’re not very good at absorbing oxygen into our system. Oxygen kind of comes in handy. We want it in our system.

So what are they doing now in the hospitals? Just the last couple of days we heard this, doctors are taking blood out of the patients that are the most sick, putting oxygen in it outside of the body, and then putting it back in the body. They have to get the oxygen into the tissues, into the body, or the person dies.

So what about IV NAC? They have it already in the formulary. They use it in the ER all the time. Might want to think about using it for some of the worst patients. What’s the worst thing that can happen? Well, you get rid of some inflammation all over the body. The kidneys love it. The liver loves it. The brain loves it. The eyes love it. I always think about IV glutathione for eye issues and kidney issues. 

Maybe the COVID-19 person, SARS COVID-19 in the ICU on the ventilator, could their lungs like it enough that they actually might turn the corner and they save some lives? Worst thing that happens is you get rid of some inflammation in the whole body.

Here is a video I’ve created that covers this topic.  Please watch, share, and subscribe!


Thank you all. Please pass the information on. Let’s save some lives.

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