Reviews & Testimonials

Vicki Stuart, Facebook Recommendation
August 8, 2019

They are so AMAZING they have helped me with my thyroid my iron levels my overall health period. Thank you Dr. Brad Brown and Dr. Bilstrom.

Kaila Lepore, Facebook Recommendation
August 16, 2019

In August 2014 I developed a migraine that still hasn’t gone away. From there, I continued to develop new symptoms monthly until it seemed there was something wrong with every part of me. I have seen numerous doctors and specialists, with no solid diagnosis or cause for these symptoms and why I felt only half alive. This office has ran appropriate testing and have diagnosed the things that have caused all these symptoms. I am currently on a new diet specific to my illnesses and a treatment plan that I keep a lot of faith in. My weight use to fluctuate (I believe based on inflammation) 10-15 pounds a day. It has been steadily between 151 and 154 since beginning my diet and supplements. that’s more than any conventional doctor’s treatment plans over the last 5 years have done for me. I am so greatful for their knowledge and help.

Jodi Dehli, Facebook Recommendation
June 3, 2019

Dr. Terrific and brilliant Doctor! And he is extremely kind, which means his heart is in a place of healing.

Barbara Hurley Keckler, Facebook Recommendation
June 3, 2019

Dr. Bilstrom is extremely knowledgeable and caring with his patients. I highly recommend for anyone who’s had difficult health issues.

Jenny Jones, Google Review
February 2019

Dr. Bilstrom has improved my quality of life. He has done more for me in a few months than any of the doctors I have seen over the last 10 years. He truly cares about helping his patients.

Heather V, Google Review
November 2018

Today was our first visit, Dr Bilstrom spent 2hours with ya and knew everything I wrote on my intake application, and it was very detailed.

It’s like he knew me before we even started.

I Loved the staff! They were absolutely amazing!

Everyone was amazing at my visit!

Lisa Mathie, Google Review
November 2018

He is the best. I feel so much better since going to him.

Lil Shabby Shack, Google Review
October 2018

LOVE this place! Everyone was so nice and knowledgeable!

Brent Wilson, Google Review
October 2018

I’ve been dealing with autoimmune disease-related illness for 15 years. My previous doctors were incurious and wanted me to simply take a pill to counter symptoms without actually addressing the root causes of my illness. I kept getting progressively worse each year and grew very frustrated. I went to see Dr. Bilstrom earlier this year and realized quickly he was a different breed of doctor – extremely inquisitive, very knowledgeable on autoimmune disease issues and a great listener. I did a comprehensive 31-page intake questionnaire and he ran a series of tests to rule out any and all issues, including food allergens. He took a very scientific approach to my diagnosis and didn’t take anything for granted. When the test results came back, they revealed I’ve been dealing with a chronic viral infection for years that my previous doctors missed. He put me on a simple regimen (without antibiotics) to address the viral infection and today I feel like a new person. I haven’t felt this good since high school. Dr. Bilstrom has given me my quality of life back.