Foundational Triad #2: Mega SporeBiotic (3) Sodium Butyrate (4) D3 Foundation Prime (1)

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90 Day Protocol Pack Includes:

  • 4 Bottles (360 capsules total) of Sodium Butyrate
  • 3 Bottles (180 capsules total) of Mega SporeBiotic
  • 1 Bottle (180 Softgels) of D3 Foundation Prime
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In 2018 this foundational triad of supplements was featured in the Annals of Internal Medicine and referred to as the “nuclear weapon” against metabolic syndrome.  What reverses metabolic syndrome also reverses autoimmune and chronic disease of all kinds.

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Vitamin D receptors are a very central mechanism involved in chronic health issues, including having a profound impact on brain chemistry. Vitamin D receptors in the gut are much more numerous than Vitamin D receptors in any other part of the body. However, like insulin receptors, that can become resistant, so can your Vitamin D receptors.

When Vitamin D receptors in the gut become resistant, a whole cascade, a domino effect of terrible stuff happens, like the gut lining may produce pro-inflammatory cytokines and stop producing proteins that keep bad bacteria at bay. This can lead to disruptions in your gut microbiome and inflammation throughout your body.

And because your complex body is so logical, when you fix your Vitamin D receptors a whole domino effect of great stuff happens like optimizing your gut microbiome, reducing inflammation and preventing a ton of future health problems.

Once the lining of the guts stops making pro inflammatory cytokines, the gut will start making antimicrobial peptides, very important proteins that will keep the bad bugs down long term. Studies show this is exactly what you want to do to reverse and prevent all types of chronic disease.

Here are just a few big ones that a lot of people struggle with: diabetes, ulcerative colitis, crohn’s disease, prevent flares if you have celiac disease, get rid of recurring c. diff infections, anxiety, depression, heart attacks, strokes, Alzheimer’s, dementia

Remember, all autoimmune and chronic disease is caused by dysfunction in the central mechanisms. Reverse and prevent one and you can eventually reverse and prevent them all. Cancer is the flip side of autoimmune disease so as you reverse and prevent autoimmunity you are also doing the same for cancer.


This foundational triad of supplements is a 3 months supply to upregulate your Vitamin D receptors (ideally taken with food):

  1. Daily Vitamin D3 Foundation Prime.  5,000 to 10,000 IU per day just to stay good once you get good. Start at 10,000 IU and check eight to twelve weeks later. Check 25-Hydroxy Vitamin D levels, the goal is to be between 70 to 90. If you check your levels and you’re still not there, increase the dose by about (on average) a thousand IU per day for every ten points you want to come up.
  2. Daily Probiotic. This starter pack begins with Mega SporeBiotic. Two per day with food. If you want to extend this Foundational Triad protocol (or just the probiotic), alternate every three months with Healthy Gut Probiotic probiotic complex, 2 per day.
  3. Daily Sodium Butyrate  (capsule form). Two capsules twice a day.


Descriptions and ingredients for each products in this pack can be accessed via their individual product links:

  1. Daily Vitamin D3 Foundation Prime
  2. Mega SporeBiotic
  3. Daily Sodium Butyrate

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