Autoimmune Disease Informational Videos

by Dr. David Bilstrom, Director of the International Autoimmune Institute & Bingham Memorial Center for Functional Medicine.

Autoimmune Lifestyle Videos

Autoimmune Lifestyle Video #44       The Dark Side of Infections

Autoimmune Lifestyle Video #43       Anxiety and depression run in the family

Autoimmune Lifestyle Video #42      Having a Mercury free holiday season, and Bilstrom’s Nuclearitis

Autoimmune Lifestyle Video #41       Thanksgiving without the toxin Roundup

Autoimmune Lifestyle Video #40      The Clean 15 and The Dirty Dozen – What foods to eat organic

Autoimmune Lifestyle Video #39      Vitamin D: Ideal levels for Breast Cancer reversal

Autoimmune Lifestyle Video #38      Osteoporosis, the Autoimmune Disease

Autoimmune Lifestyle Video #37      Pain as an autoimmune disease

Autoimmune Lifestyle Video #36      Megaspore protects the gut even during recurrent C. difficile infections

 Autoimmune Lifestyle Video #35      Gut Infections and Autoimmune Disease

Autoimmune Lifestyle Video #34      Preventing Celiac Disease

Autoimmune Lifestyle Video #33      Cortisol and a moose on the Yellowstone River

 Autoimmune Lifestyle Video #32    Stress causes Autoimmune Disease

Autoimmune Lifestyle Video #31       NAC has been shown to prevent Wintertime Viral Infections

Autoimmune Lifestyle Video #30      NAC Could Prevent an Influenza Pandemic

 Autoimmune Lifestyle Video #29    Stress and PTSD could be causing autoimmune disease.

Autoimmune Lifestyle Video #28      Tips for Fine-Tuning Disease Reversal and Prevention

Autoimmune Lifestyle Video #27     One Intervention during Pregnancy can stop Multiple Sclerosis in Offspring 

Autoimmune Lifestyle Video #26       Did You Know? One Thing Prevents 90% of Type-1 Diabetes in newborns

 Autoimmune Lifestyle Video #25       Dr. Bilstrom’s Basic Regimen

Autoimmune Lifestyle Video #24
Did You Know? Vitamin D Prevents Breast Cancer

Autoimmune Lifestyle Video #23
The X Chromosome

Autoimmune Lifestyle Video #22
How Probiotics Help the Brain & Body

Autoimmune Lifestyle Video #21
Poop Testing?! The Guts are Considered the Second Brain – What is Your Gut Telling You?

Autoimmune Lifestyle Video #20
COVID-19 & the Cytokine Storm – Can They be Killed with Glutathione Impregnated Nanosilver?

Autoimmune Lifestyle Video #19
Estrogen Dominance Causes MAJOR Health Issues in Women!

Autoimmune Lifestyle Video #18
Why is it so Challenging for Women to Stay Healthy, Compared to Men?

Autoimmune Lifestyle Video #17
Part 1 – L Glutamine and Sickle Cell Disease 

Autoimmune Lifestyle Video #16
Mediterranean Diet and Cardiovascular Disease

Autoimmune Lifestyle Video #15
Part 2-We can Stop Half the People from Dying on Ventilators
Autoimmune Lifestyle Video #14
Part 1-We can Stop Half the People from Dying on Ventilators
Autoimmune Lifestyle Video #13
Fasting During Self-Isolation is a Great Way to Improve Your Health
Autoimmune Lifestyle Video #12
Meditation, Exercise, & Nature Strengthen Your Immune System
Autoimmune Lifestyle Video #11
Prevent, Treat, and Stop the Spread of Really Bad Viruses, with Silver Non-Particles
Autoimmune Lifestyle Video #10
How Do Plants Prevent Themselves from Getting Viral Infections?
Autoimmune Lifestyle Video #9
Coronavirus Prevention and Transmission
Autoimmune Lifestyle Video #8
Fungal infections, ALS, Alzheimer’s, and Autoimmune Disease
Autoimmune Lifestyle Video #7
Banff Film Festival Nature and Human Health
Autoimmune Lifestyle Video #6
Snowbird Whiteout Autoimmune Insulin Resistance
Autoimmune Lifestyle Video #5
Nature and Human Health
Autoimmune Lifestyle Video #4
Thyroid and CV Disease
Autoimmune Lifestyle Video #3
Lead Toxicity, CVD, and AD
Autoimmune Lifestyle Video #2
Preventing AD, CVD, and Death
Autoimmune Lifestyle Video #1
Vitamin D, Breast Cancer, AD, and CVD

Your Healthy Minute Videos with Dr. Bilstrom

In each of the ‘Your Healthy Minute’ informational videos, Dr. David Bilstrom provides quick Autoimmune Disease insights and tips. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see more in-depth videos produced by Bingham Memorial with Dr. Bilstrom.

Wheat Rescue – Your Healthy Minute #31

Your Healthy Minute #30
Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements & Methyl-Plex B

Your Healthy Minute #29
An Introduction to Cortisol

Your Healthy Minute #28
Cortisol, Weight, and Energy

Your Healthy Minute #27
DHEA and its Relation to Cortisol

Your Healthy Minute #26
Fix Your Cortisol – So Your Body Can Fix Itself

Your Healthy Minute #25
Cortisol, Cushings and Addisons

Your Healthy Minute #24
Thyroid Medicine Options
Your Healthy Minute #23
Thyroid Conversion: Why You Might Need to Change Your Thyroid Medicine

Your Healthy Minute #22
 Thyroid Life in the 21st Century

Your Healthy Minute #21
Thyroid Tests: TSH Testing Is Not Enough
Your Healthy Minute #20
Are You a Good Thyroid Converter and Producer?
Your Healthy Minute #19
What Thyroid Tests Need To Be Run
Your Healthy Minute #18
Thyroid, Blood Sugar & Cortisol
Your Healthy Minute #17
Thyroid: The Great Mimicker
Your Healthy Minute #16
The Estrogen Connection 2
Your Healthy Minute #15
Anxiety and Insomnia – The Estrogen Connection 1
Your Healthy Minute #14
Estrogen Dominance Part 2
Your Healthy Minute #13
Estrogen Dominance and Cancer
Your Healthy Minute #12
What is Estrogen Dominance?
Your Healthy Minute #11
Reintroducing Foods You’ve Been Unable to Eat
Your Healthy Minute #10
Testing for Food Sensitivity
Your Healthy Minute #9
Food Sensitivity
Your Healthy Minute #8
Testing for Environmental Toxins
Your Healthy Minute #7
The Stool Test for Autoimmune Disease
Your Healthy Minute #6
Saliva Cortisol Testing – Why is it Important?
Your Healthy Minute #5
Specific Blood Tests for Autoimmune Disease
Your Healthy Minute #4
Testing for Autoimmune Diseases
Your Healthy Minute #3
An Unbalanced Immune System
Your Healthy Minute #2
Your Immune System
Your Healthy Minute #1
Introducing the Immune System

Bingham Memorial Hospital Videos
Featuring Dr. David Bilstrom speaking about Autoimmune Disease

In these 13 informational videos about Autoimmune Disease, Dr. David Bilstrom speaks to what is an Autoimmune Disease, what causes an Autoimmune Disease and much more.
Episode 1: Dr. David Bilstrom “What is an Autoimmune Disease?”
Episode 2: Dr. David Bilstrom, “What Causes an Autoimmune Disease?”
Episode 3: Dr. David Bilstrom “Other Countries and Autoimmune Disease”
Episode 4: Dr. David Bilstrom, “Blood Tests”
Episode 5: Dr. David Bilstrom, “Saliva Cortisol Tests”
Episode 6: Dr. David Bilstrom “Digestive Stool Analysis”
Episode 7: Dr. David Bilstrom “Heavy Metal Test”
Episode 8: Dr. David Bilstrom “Triggers of Autoimmune Disease: Early Childhood Events”
Episode 9: Dr. David Bilstrom “Genetics”
Episode 10: Dr. David Bilstrom “Establishing Gut and Immune Health”
Episode 11: Dr. David Bilstrom, “Estrogen Dominance”
Episode 12: Dr. David Bilstrom “Optimizing Vitamin D”
Episode 13: Dr. David Bilstrom “Thyroid: The Great Mimicker”