Positive ANA (anti nuclear antibody):  an Open Letter to Lady Gaga Offering a Solution

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Hello Lady Gaga,

I’m Dr. David Bilstrom. This is an open letter to you regarding your positive ANA. I’m a quadruple board certified medical doctor who specializes in reversing and preventing all autoimmune disease, with the goal of revolutionizing the way autoimmune disease is cared for worldwide.

Recognizing a Positive ANA as an Autoimmune Disease

Historically, a positive ANA has not been considered an autoimmune disease. But it truly is by definition because an anti nuclear antibody is antibodies being produced by a confused immune system, attacking a person’s (and your own) nuclear material, your own DNA.

👍 Rule of thumb is you never want to piss off your own DNA because the DNA tells the cells what to do in every cell in your body.

Waiting Creates Unnecessary Disease and Pain

Historically, because ANA has not been considered a formal autoimmune disease, people with an ANA who are already not feeling well are told, “We’ll just wait. We’re just gonna watch, maybe we’ll give you medicine to take care of Fibromyalgia” (because that’s so common when these autoimmune processes start.)  Fibromyalgia is defined as muscle pain of more than three months duration or a lot of other health issues.

Unfortunately, when people (usually women because 80% of people that get autoimmune disease are women) are told to wait, because you’re not taking care of the reason why your body started attacking your nuclear material already, that process just keeps churning forward. This is where, when you have a positive ANA, the science is very clear: you have a profound increased risk of lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, Sjogren’s disease, mixed connective tissue disease, autoimmune disease of the thyroid and others.

Positive ANA Treatment (the Western Allopathic Way) is Painful

Now, why wait until something gets worse? Unfortunately, Western allopathic medicine is not the greatest yet at preventing disease from coming.

When it comes full-blown, we have medicines that we can tend to use to put a bandage on a few symptoms, such as women with a positive ANA who are told to wait, three, four, five, six years later, they just keep getting worse and worse, and new things come.

All of a sudden, because you haven’t addressed why the first part of the DNA was attacked, now you start attacking new parts of the DNA, and then a person is told, “Oh, now you do have Lupus. Now you do have rheumatoid arthritis. Now you do have these other autoimmune diseases.”

These things run in families, of course. Thus, when I heard that you have a positive ANA but it’s not an autoimmune disease, I was already concerned. But also, when I hear that, “Well, it’s not lupus like your aunt has, it’s just a positive ANA,” well, a positive ANA means you are motoring towards what your aunt has or rheumatoid arthritis or other autoimmune disease.

Now, in medical school, we are not taught where autoimmune disease comes from. We are not taught how to make it go away. We are taught how to use medications to control a few symptoms of the issue, but because you’re not addressing the problem even by using medicines to control the symptoms, whether it’s the Fibromyalgia before the rheumatoid or Lupus, or when you get the lupus or rheumatoid, the other medicines, you’re still not fixing it, and things just keep progressing along.

Doctors Refer Their Positive ANA Patients to Me

Fortunately, there are enough practitioners who know what we’re doing to revolutionize the way autoimmune disease is dealt with. We do get referrals from medical professionals for people with a positive ANA, because they realize we know where this person is going if we don’t reverse the process, and we can reverse the process.

We can make the ANA go negative. You stop attacking that part of DNA, we have done our due diligence to make sure somebody never moves forward to Lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, other ones.

Including we have a lot of patients that have done their homework. They’ve looked on the Internet, amazing detectives they are, that they come to us and they say, I have an ANA test that’s positive. I don’t want it to progress to Lupus or other autoimmune disease and we help them reverse it. We also prevent all of the future autoimmune diseases. And it is very satisfying.

A Positive ANA is now called Bilstrom’s Nuclearitis

Now, even though this may seem like a unique situation, it is so common not only is it estimated that 50 Million American women have an autoimmune disease that’s already widely identified as a of course being an autoimmune disease, but there are 30 Million women in the US alone with a positive ANA who have not started to attack other parts of their DNA yet or in the exact same situation you are.

This is why I felt it was so important that I name a positive ANA to identify what it is, which is an autoimmune disease that’s called Bilstrom’s Nuclearitis.

I named Bilstrom Nuclearitis in 2018 and it was first published in a textbook on pain management in 2020 because without a name, Western allopathic medicine doesn’t know what to do. If we can put a name on something, well maybe we can give it a bandage medicine, but we do not know what to do if it doesn’t have a name.

Bilstrom’s Nuclearitis: Using Functional Medicine to Reverse a Positive ANA

I felt like it was important that the name was established but instead of using the medications that typically get used that will increase your risk of cancer. A person with an autoimmune disease process already has a profound increased risk of cancer because cancer is the flip side of the same coin, that is autoimmune disease.

These medicines also will increase your risk of getting a life threatening infection that no amount of antibiotics could treat. And as weird as it seems, these autoimmune disease medicines can actually give you as a side effect a new autoimmune disease.

To learn more about all the autoimmune conditions that a positive ANA can turn into, along with the list of Doctors and the autoimmune diseases named after them, read this blog.

This is why I felt it was so important to give a name to a positive ANA which is obviously an autoimmune disease, but unnamed and I named it Bilstrom’s Nuclearitis because we just can’t let it get worse and worse until it drives other autoimmune disease processes.

It is important that we address it right away before it gets worse.  The body is so smart, it really does not take a lot to reverse chronic and autoimmune disease.

Science is Clear About What Creates Anti Nuclear Antibodies

The science is very clear about what causes a positive ANA (anti nuclear antibodies.)  Such things like vitamin deficiencies, hormone imbalances and deficiencies, chronic infections, not the infections that drive obvious infections, the kind of infections that drive sneaky, chronic disease. The stress hormone cortisol is thrown off, environmental toxicity and gut, and the gut is a really big central mechanism for all this stuff.

Whether somebody is a superstar or a single mom, fixing these central mechanisms are things that anybody can incorporate to reverse this process long before it gets worse.

Functional Medicine Protocols for Reversing Bilstrom’s Nuclearitis (for kids and adults)

Now that we have a name for a positive ANA (Bilstrom’s Nuclearitis) we now have protocols on how to address this and make it go away, reversing the entire process.

This comes from twenty years of experience doing this for people, both adults and children. You’d be amazed at how many children have autoimmune disease nowadays. Including so many young children with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.

We have protocols that allow us to reverse the autoimmune disease process. We do not need to rely only on the medicines that suppress the immune system, the immunosuppressants, which have some profound side effects such as increasing cancer risk and increasing risk of infection that no amount of antibiotics treat. And as a side effect can actually give you a new autoimmune disease.

30 Million American Women Have a Positive ANA

Even though this seems like it might be a unique situation, it really truly isn’t. There are 30 million women in the US alone with a positive ANA, they haven’t started attacking other parts of their DNA yet.

Which means there are 30 million women out there, who really need to know this information. Together, we can change the way women’s healthcare is dealt with and change the lives of so many millions of women. Including because cancer is the flip flipside of the same coin that is autoimmune disease.

Estrogen Dominance is a Big Driver of Cancer & Bilstrom’s Nuclearitis (a Positive ANA)

We also know that one particular hormone imbalance called estrogen dominance is profoundly impactful when it comes to driving autoimmune disease. It’s one reason why 80% of people who get autoimmune disease are women.

Estrogen dominance drives all the hormonal menstrual issues that women have to deal with such as bad flows, bad cramps, PMS, ovarian cysts, breast cysts, cystic fibrosis, endometriosis.

Because estrogen revs and progesterone calms, it also drives women to develop excessive worry, anxiety, panic attacks and insomnia.

Prevent Cancer – The Importance of Early Intervention

We also know the estrogen dominance that is trying to drive autoimmune disease also drives cancer, such that if a woman has estrogen dominance before menopause (oftentimes showing up as those hormonal menstrual things or the cognitive emotional things) they have a 5.4 times greater risk of getting breast cancer before menopause.

Not twice the risk of breast cancer, not three times… 5.4 times greater risk and a ten times greater risk of malignant cancers their entire life. It is so important to get at estrogen dominance (and Bilstrom’s Nuclearitis) before it gets worse.  This not only prevents autoimmune disease, but cancer as well. Which is why we can improve women’s healthcare so profoundly.

💙 I LOVE teaching Practitioners (and all people) How to Reverse Autoimmune Disease 💙

I love working with other practitioners and teaching this information because this is not something that we get in medical school or in residency.

We learn about the medications to treat the symptoms but not why this happens and not how to make it go away.

Now the body is so smart. It knows how to fix this. It is trying to fix it by doing things such as optimizing vitamin D levels. Fixing the estrogen dominance, healing the gut including a profound central mechanism, which is the vitamin D receptors in the gut become resistant to vitamin D so that even if you have all the vitamin D in the world, you can’t get the bang for your effort, we help your body fix that. We can totally reverse the autoimmune process by healing the gut.

We also need to allow the body to find calm through regular relaxation activities. When cortisol is locked, the stress hormone is locked in the stress mode, it needs to reset into the calm mode.  When this happens women are calmer. They don’t get panic attacks. They sleep like a baby. Helps get rid of all the hormonal menstrual issues, the cognitive emotional issues, but then as cortisol resets, now the body is in a position to fix anything that’s going on already, and also puts them in a great position to stay healthy the rest of their lives.

Let’s Create a Mastermind of MDs to Help You (and millions of women)

If I can help your practitioners help you or if I can help you directly or even better we do both – we can change the way women’s health care is dealt with in the entire country, the entire world and it would be my pleasure. Please contact me here.


Dr. David Bilstrom
An MD on a mission to revolutionize how autoimmune disease is treated worldwide by teaching the fundamentals of Functional Medicine.

“Got a Revolution, got to Revolution.”  Jefferson Airplane


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